3 Ways to Align Your Goals

When you think of “living a life you love” what comes to mind? Many believe it’s a phenomenon that only happens for certain people, under certain conditions. Perhaps only reserved for those who were born with a “silver spoon” or those who work hard enough to accumulate wealth. Ultimately, we must each define what it means to love our life. Which often means sifting through the external messages we’ve received to find our own degree of truth. More importantly, we have to recognize that loving life is an ongoing process that cannot flourish in the midst of comparison.

3 Ways to Align Your Goals & Live a Life You Love 1. Identify what’s important in your life. Throughout our lives we pick up familial, social, and cultural messages that help to shape our values. While many of these messages come our way through the best of intentions, it is not always ideal for them to set root. Likewise, an important part of our differentiation of self means learning to abandon the ideals that no longer serve us well. Just a few questions to consider: What do you value and why? How congruent are your values to your authentic self? Where in your life are the values and needs of others overshadowing what you truly desire? 2. Think about how you currently spend your time and whether you’re moving towards or away from what you value. We are each given the same 24 hours of daily opportunity. Consequently, we must regularly assess who are what is consuming our energy. Doing so requires intentional self-awareness in all we do in the world. It requires us to set and uphold our boundaries while learning to honor ourselves and others. By the same token, it involves accepting our limitations and staying centered on what’s important. You see there’s a constant battle for our attention and we have become more comfortable doing than we have being. We often live in a state of urgency, quickly moving from moment to moment with the only aim of getting it done. However, in the midst of this hurried process we miss the chance to be present, to exist, and to truly live. 3. Trust Yourself There is no magic organizational system, seminar, friend, or family member that understands you better than you understand yourself. You will always be the greatest expert in your life and if you don't believe that true, it's time to take back that power. Trust is foundational to living a life you love and having the courage to realign your life. One of the primary reasons we place our trust in others is for the benefit of not blaming ourselves if things don’t work out. Plus let's be real, it’s easier to rationalize our complacency by blaming others for what we don’t have. We all long to live a passionate purposeful life, but it is not a gift, it is a call to action. A call to passionately pursue life above the median of mediocrity. It will take commitment, patience, and tenacity but in the end it is the abundant life you were created to live!

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