Increasing Your Productivity without Sacrificing Your Health

Being productive is an essential facet of our lives whether at home, out in the community, or in the professional arena. We often spend our day working feverishly to try and squeeze in as much as we can. Productivity is important, but when out of balance it can also lead to problems in our personal and professional lives. Living constantly at warp speed comes with a cost that is sometimes too great a price. On a personal level, we can hit a wall becoming irritable, emotional, and at times barely able to get out of the bed. Those feelings can then spiral into a sense of guilt because there is now a level of incongruence between what our mind sets out to do and what we can truly accomplish while staying healthy. Here are a few simple ways to increase your productivity while keeping your health in mind:

  1. Your Biggest Asset is ENERGY not time- You can do more in less time if you have enough energy. Increasing your energy level only comes through one avenue, self-care. Proper rest and nutrition are essential component and your body and mind will not be it’s best on little to no sleep and caffeine. The higher your energy level is, the more efficient you will feel, leading to an increased ability to produce amazing results.

  2. Make the Big seem Small- Ever had a day where you made a long list of tasks to complete and quickly realized that you’ve set yourself up for the impossible. Well don’t throw the list out the window in defeat. Take your task list and break it into small manageable pieces based on the goals that are top priority. Another option is to categorize your list into core areas such as Home, Business, and Personal. Then choose to accomplish 1-3 key items within each of the major areas you’ve identified. You will not only feel less overwhelmed, but a great feeling of success when your list seems more manageable.

  3. Focus Your Attention to the Task- It’s likely that no one knows exactly where the concept of multitasking came from, but it has become one of the biggest deceptions of the 21 century. There is actual research and empirical evidence that shows multitasking may make you less efficient, can be harmful to your brain chemistry, and increase your stress level. As much as possible, focus all of your effort into one task at a time. The use of a timer is an excellent tool to help hold yourself accountable while placing your energy on one area at a time.

One of my favorite quotes by Penache Desai states, “When you are in harmony with yourself everything unfolds with grace and ease”. Yet harmony must be created and cultivated in order for us to produce our best effort. Question is, “Who or what are you tolerating that drains your energy?”

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