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#HumanizeYourComms: Using adverse experiences to improve your PR practice

Ragan Communications

Follow this guidance to become more mindful, thoughtful and effective communicator.


Charryse Johnson Named 2021 HER Health Collective Expert

Writer’s Journal

HER Health Collective is a collaborative effort between women’s health experts. Each year the top 12 nominees are selected.

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This is how to safeguard your mental health when you’re (still) working from home


Use this expert advice to prioritize your mental health and your job while working from home.


Suicide: A Silent Epidemic with Charryse Johnson, LCMHC

American State of Mind (Podcast)

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and I had the honor of being a podcast guest on American State of Mind. Together, we talked about mental health and suicide awareness, the effects of suicide, resources provided by our government. This is a great episode to help understand the complexities of suicide and prevention.